Do Busy Right

Helping you tackle your to-do list in a way
that helps you do what matters most
in work and life.

Feeling like you are spinning your wheels at work and home?

Spending most of your time putting out fires?

If you are like a lot of professionals out there, you are feeling overwhelmed by the work you do. 

You are also exhausted with trying to juggle all of the other aspects of your life that you consider important: family, health, spirituality, and more. 

It probably seems like there isn’t enough time in the day. Unfortunately, the modern workplace is built upon busyness, and the culture is bent on claiming your attention at all times. 

Let me arm you with the knowledge and tools you need to take back your attention and focus on the things that really matter to your business and personal life.

Through 1-on-1 coaching, my system has given dozens of professionals the tools they needed to maximize their productivity and achieve a better work balance.


Let's Do Busy Right

1-on-1 Coaching

Individual coaching provides a personalized opportunity to work through my system and gives you the tools you need to become more productive while achieving better balance in work and life.

Do Busy Right podcast


If you want to be more effective in your work and in your life, and you'd like to have more confidence that you're meeting your intentions, this is where it begins. Welcome to the Do Busy Right podcast, helping you organize your information and manage your attention so that they work for you, not against you. We educate you and encourage you by discussing ways to be more effective, not more exhausted.

Course (Coming Soon)

More information coming soon.

How this system has helped others

Attention Compass has helped save some of my busiest days!!! Ever feel like you can’t focus or that you forget what your goals were before you ever even attempt to complete them? Attention Compass can help change all of that by helping you to control the chaos of your day to day activities while still being able to focus on the really important stuff. Thank you, Larry, for introducing me to the Attention Compass way of “Doing Busy Right!”

Pam Jones
Insurance Agent

When I started the Attention Compass I was barely keeping up. My “to do” list seemed to be running my schedule. I was stretched as thin as possible, and that became normal. Time was what I thought I needed. Get up an hour earlier, stay an hour later. I never could make the progress on the “to do” list to the point I could make an impact on my business. My system was barely adequate. The tools I have learned from Larry have been game changers. My “to do” list doesn’t manage my time anymore. I have freed up 2.5 hours a day. Almost 18 hours a week. Productivity has increased in myself as well as my staff. You can be busy and have a life too.

Nick Chichester
Restaurant Owner, Glory Bound Gyro Company

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